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Affordable Health Products

Maintaining your health isn't just about appointments at Cresco Chiropractic Clinic - it's about keeping a healthy lifestyle at home, too!  


You'll find a complete line of home health products at our office, from orthopedic items to vitamins, supplements, and much more.

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Choose from National Name Brand Products

  • Foot levelersTM

  • Spinal or pelvic stabilizers

  • Braces and supports

  • Exercise rehab equipment

  • Vitamins

  • Nordic Naturals Omegas®

  • MetaGenics products TM

  • Denneroll orthotics TM

  • TheraBand TM

  • Renew Life® supplements

  • SinuCleanse®

  • KinesioTM tape

  • Posture Pump® disc hydrators

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